How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of children benefit from therapy?

Most children benefit from a nurturing and compassionate therapeutic relationship. You can discuss with Emma whether counselling is the best treatment option for your child

Do parents participate in their child’s therapy?

Emma works in close consultation with the parents during the therapeutic process. From time to time Emma will see parents and child together depending upon the needs of the child and family.

How many sessions will my child need?

This differs depending on the presenting issues for the child. Some children only need one session whereas others need ongoing support.

Will I need a doctor’s referral for my child?

You do not need a referral from a GP to see Emma, however if you obtain a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP you will be entitled to a rebate from Medicare for up to ten sessions per calendar year.

What are the standard fees for therapy sessions?

The fee is $170 for a standard consultation (50 minutes). A school visit is $200 and an extended telephone consultation is $100.

Are there any fee rebates or concessions?

There are no concessions, however with a referral from your GP, you will receive a rebate of approximately $84.00 for up to ten sessions per calendar year. Some private health care funds offer rebates for psychological services. Speak to your fund to see whether you qualify for this rebate.

Where are you located?

Emma is located in North Ringwood with easy access to the Eastern Freeway

What days and hours are you available?

Appointments are available from Monday to Thursday.