About Emma Bevan

Psychologist and M Psych BA (Hons)

Emma Bevan

Hello, I’m Emma Bevan – a registered psychologist and accredited yoga teacher who specialises in psychological services for children, adolescents, young adults and their families. In private practice since 2012, I’ve previously worked in both clinical and educational environments.

The reason I do what I do is because I find it incredibly fulfilling to bring healing into the lives of children who have had adverse experiences or have been really challenged with what life has presented to them.

As a psychologist and mother of four I empathise with how difficult and yet rewarding parenting can be. I genuinely believe that every child deserves to be heard, supported and nurtured and this is why I work alongside families and parents in order to bring out the best in their child.

In my practice, I take an integrated approach in my work with children, teens, young adults and parents. My work is informed by the latest research in child development, attachment and trauma theory. In practice, this is a combination of child-friendly, play-based therapies, integrating elements of several therapeutic approaches to create transformational change and achieve optimal wellbeing for those who choose psychology as a means of support. This client centred approach is structured and facilitated to the individual needs and desired outcomes of each family, dependent upon the needs of your child. I also offer support for parents wanting advice based on the latest research into meaningful and effective parenting.

Any questions, or would you like to discuss the current or potential challenges facing your child, adolescent or parenting?
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